Book Review: The Museum of Innocence

Unless one were to cheat and do quick research into the content’s reality in the fictional novel, The Museum of Innocence (Masumiyet Müzesi) by Orhan Pamuk, it would take reading 700 pages to return to the ambiguous conclusion of, maybe? Although that middle ground of uncertainty is troubling, that is the skill to which the…… Continue reading Book Review: The Museum of Innocence

Athénaïse’s Ironic Awakening

Kate Chopin’s first published story, “Emancipation. A Life Fable,” sets up the theme to which guides her fiction: freedom from repression. In the story, an animal finds himself bound in a cage where he is given the provisions of a comfortable daily life. One day the door is accidentally left open, but the animal is…… Continue reading Athénaïse’s Ironic Awakening

A Look into “The Tree of Life”

“The ‘I’ who speaks in this story is not the author. Rather, he hopes that you might see yourself in this ‘I’ and understand this story as your own. Paradise is not a place here or there. The soul is paradise; it opens before us; here, today. The humblest things show it. We live in…… Continue reading A Look into “The Tree of Life”

“Interstellar”: A Lengthy Analysis for a Lengthy Film

Interstellar is the film Christopher Nolan has been trying to make his whole life ever since he saw 2001: A Space Odyssey. He regards this movie as a “seminal” film in the production of Interstellar. Nolan went to go see 2001 during a 1977 re-release in theaters around his seventh birthday. He went on to make super 8 epics as…… Continue reading “Interstellar”: A Lengthy Analysis for a Lengthy Film

Subjectivity and Form in “Shame”

Director and writer Steve McQueen really proved his worth in the filmmaking world with this film. He utilizes a shocking ecstasy of emotions to give loneliness and sex an overwhelming appeal. The film begins with a montage of sorts with Brandon (Michael Fassbender) living his white-blue desaturated lifestyle. He often employs hookers and clearly is…… Continue reading Subjectivity and Form in “Shame”

Thoughts on “Boyhood”

Boyhood is wonderfully happy. IFC Films called this a “nostalgic time capsule of the recent past and an ode to growing up and parenting.” I couldn’t agree more. Throughout the film we watch a young boy, Mason (Ellar Coltrane), grow up from seven years of age until moving into college at eighteen. And this film is literally showing…… Continue reading Thoughts on “Boyhood”

Touch: An Insightful Track on “Random Access Memories”

0:00-1:28 Introduction Touch. Touch, I remember touch. Touch. Touch, I remember touch. Where do I belong? Touch, I need something more. The beginning of the song starts with a slow and soft melody, it almost feels like a dream state or limbo. The lyrics are told to us, not sung, in a robotic voice with…… Continue reading Touch: An Insightful Track on “Random Access Memories”